Pilates 4 U offers various Package deal for Semi-private sessions.

The more sessions you take during the month, the bigger the discount.

Discount Packages

Let us get you in the best shape of your life!


Session paid monthly in advance


Make-up sessions are available (When schedule allows, advance notice        required.  Make-up sessions must be scheduled at time of session cancellation)


A $12.50 fee will be charged if less than 2 hours notice is given for       canceling a session (even if rescheduled)


Please arrive a few minutes before your session to be ready on time


As a courtesy for all our clients, Pilates 4 U cannot extend hours to           the next session due to late arrivals


Full payment is due at time of signing up


Monthly payments are due 10 days after invoice


All payments are non-refundable


Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length